All Minds Are Broken by Adelia Khalid

All Minds Are Broken by Adelia Khalid

Yaaaa hii everyone! I finished All Minds Are Broken last night and it was AAAAAA it makes my heart dup dap dup dap crack splash boommm

Without further a due, let’s get into it .

Title : All Minds Are Broken
Author : Adelia Khalid
Publisher : WhiteCoat
Publish Date : March 2020
Genre : Psychological, Sci-Fi


People like you think I am psychotic.

I take it as a compliment because the world has become insane.


Just how, how in the world that the author gets the idea to make this book? The concept made me speechless and still out of words right now. I can’t have people ask me ” oh what is this book about? ” and I just ghost them BECAUSE I CANT EXPLAIN.

Pray for me I’ll try to explain just a bit. So, All Minds Are Broken follows five different characters with five different stories. We have Maya, Jamilah, Saengdao, Alex and Raziel. Somehow, these special people met in a same dream over and over again with weird events happening and try to find an explanation for it while they learn each others’ story. Is it working? Or should I just quit explaining?

I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. Fight me, but I love this book no matter what! ♥ The development of the characters deserves an applause! I can feel and see these people getting stronger and stronger each page. I absolutely into the story with the writing style. It is very easy and understandable and includes some unfamiliar verbs, which is great to add to your vocabs knowledge.

This book follows each of the characters point of view for one chapter. So you get to experience how that character himself acts like. Every one of them are different, with the use of words and stuff. And that is something that I like about it, becasue reader gets to know what’s up before the other characters do. We get to know the inside of the pov, if that sum it up.

Believe me ot not, I got a new favourite person in hereee! Raziel Weber, yas, him. Okayy he’s just so sweet and polite and WE STAN GOOD MEN . He’s a cinnamon roll, can’t deny it. He made me go uwuwuwuwu staph itt, if you know what I mean. My soft mode switched on and AAAAAAAAA. Others are good too, but you know, I kind of play favourite here 💅 sorry y’all.

I would reccomend this to any reader. Any reader would be fine reading this. A beginner, yes. A fantasy reader, yes. A thriller reader, yes. You who are reading this, WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR? PICK UP THE DAMN BOOK!

Rating : 4.5 / 5 🌟

Thank you so much for the author, Adelia Khalid for reaching me out personally to send me this book in return of an honest review ♥ Thank you for your time as well ✨

” Never steal from a theif. ” • The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant

” Never steal from a theif. ” • The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant

Hello! I hope you had a nice day. Today’s review will be featuring The Court of Miracle by Kester Grant! Without further a due, let’s dive in.

Title : The Court of Miracle
Author : Kester Grant
Publisher : Knopf New York
Publish Date : 19 June 2020
Genre : Historical, Fantasy


In the violent urban jungle of an alternate 1828 Paris, the French Revolution has failed and the city is divided between merciless royalty and nine underworld criminal guilds, known as the Court of Miracles. Eponine (Nina) Thénardier is a talented cat burglar and member of the Thieves Guild. Nina’s life is midnight robberies, avoiding her father’s fists, and watching over her naïve adopted sister, Cosette (Ettie).

When Ettie attracts the eye of the Tiger–the ruthless lord of the Guild of Flesh–Nina is caught in a desperate race to keep the younger girl safe. Her vow takes her from the city’s dark underbelly to the glittering court of Louis XVII. And it also forces Nina to make a terrible choice–protect Ettie and set off a brutal war between the guilds, or forever lose her sister to the Tiger.

Les Misérables meets Six of Crows in this page-turning adventure as a young thief finds herself going head to head with leaders of Paris’s criminal underground in the wake of the French Revolution.


So i was a little bit expecting something big by reading the synopsis. I kind of create a plot for it and of course I am wrong. I should put high hopes for this one.

The plot was very thrilling at the first hundred pages. The introduction of everything is superb and the characters are amazing. But when the conflict shows up, I kind of lost a bit and I need to reread some parts. At the end, I did pick up the story.

Nina, the main character, is admirable. She’s cunning and brilliant. Also, adventurous. Did I mention that she’s a great theif? But honestly I would like to see her in action even more in the story. Stealing good stuff and get in trouble.

Like I say, I predicted the storyline after the thrilling introduction. But I am absolutely wrong. The story didn’t really reveals what I expected and that is a little disappointment. But overall I did enjoy the current plot and storyline. Yet, I think the ending is quite rushing and just like ” here’s the ending. “

Rating : 3/5 🌟

Thank you for your time! ❤ Shoutout to Times Read for sending this book my way in return of an honest review ✨

Diary of a Rich Kid by Malcolm Mejin

Diary of a Rich Kid by Malcolm Mejin

If you’re reading this, that’s mean I am back from hell . i mean exams. Well, it’s another ✨REVIEW✨ for today!

Diary of a Rich Kid by Malcolm Mejin

Title : Diary of a Rich Kid ( Book 1 ) & ( ROADTRIP )
Author : Malcolm Mejin
Page total : 250 pages


Diary of A Rich Kid :

HOW would your life be if you had so much money that it could fill the entire ocean? For Sarawakian Malcolm Mejin, he would travel all around the world in his private jet. He would also own the latest gadgets, the likes of which are so expensive that they could only be afforded by the wealthiest.

It’s such a good fantasy that Malcolm decided to pen it all down in his latest book, Diary of a Rich Kid, whose plot centres on a group of privileged, wealthy kids who lead the most lavish, extravagant lifestyle filled with excitement, suspense and adventure ― peppered with some humour.

Diary of a Rich Kid ( Roadtrip ) :

A wild road trip adventure in the heart of Kuching that draws delighted laughter and endless excitement. Robin and his friends embark on a journey of amazing discovery where they explore delicious local food and breathtaking destinations. Their adventure takes a comedic turn when they encounter orangutans and proboscis monkeys in the wildlife. When their best friend mysteriously disappears, their road trip takes a swerve on rocky path of danger and suspense.


Honestly, I didn’t expect so much from a graphic novel. Especially when it is a middle grade. But just tell me why this is so fun to read? I am seventeen and this book made me want to be a kid again.

Diary of a Rich Kid follows a Sarawakian, Robin with his wealthy life of childhood. He and his friends, Charlie and Ken went for a vacation in Bahamas and experienced all worst thing possible. Same goes to the road trip where they discover culture and nature around Sarawak .

What can I say is this is a very light read and absolutely enjoyable. It took the format like Diary of a Whimpy Kid. The illustrations deserve thumbs up 👍👍 the illustrations describe their imagination so well. I burst out laughing on some, hilarious! And some are just relatable and reminds me of my childhood.

The characters are very diverse. We have people from all over the races we have in Malaysia. And they are all quite wealthy ( except for Ken ) I like Robin the most because I think he is the most calm throughout the story. Charlie was quite annoying though, he caused so much trouble but he’s the only reason why the story went so well with the conflicts and stuff.

Rating : 4/5 🌟 ( for both books )

Thank you so much for your time! Shout out to the author, Malcolm Mejin for reaching me out and have me experience such a good story.

[ BLOGRAM TOUR ] Magnolia 1976 by Alis Padasian

[ BLOGRAM TOUR ] Magnolia 1976 by Alis Padasian

Firstly thank you so much to Untitled Book Club for hosting this blog tour, Alis Padasian, the author and Byteliber website.

Today is the first day of Magnolia 1976 Blogram Tour and this is the first top of the day 😍 Let me jump into the review already.

Title : Magnolia 1976
Author : Alis Padasian
Publisher : Byteliber
Total pages : 220 pages


Joseph Lambata tidak mempercayai kata-kata Steven Tagi. Peguam S. Temian, seorang perisik bebas dan sedang berkhidmat untuk Datuk Romel Ardin menawarkannya satu pekerjaan yang bakal mengubah hidup. Meskipun ragu, kontrak tetap ditandatangani dan kini, dia bukan lagi Joseph Lambata yang berasal dari Mook tetapi John Lansing, anak yatim piatu yang dilahirkan di Sandakan.

Musuh yang perlu dijejaki ialah Binisol Bolungi, seorang bekas calon pilihan raya yang juga rakan lama kepada Datuk Romel sendiri. Risikan demi risikan membawa Magnolia kepada seseorang yang dikenali sebagai Henru John, ‘sukarelawan’ yang telah membantu Santini dan Jiminus Serumin mendapatkan pendidikan di St Martin’s Primary School, Telupid.

Bila BERJAYA pimpinan Datuk Romel Ardin mengalahkan USNO dalam pilihan raya negeri 1976, dendam dan amarah Binisol akhirnya memuncak. Hanya satu pilihan yang tinggal, Romel Ardin mesti mati dibunuh, di Sandakan pada pagi 28 April 1976, dan keinginan itu menjadi tugasan terakhir untuk kedua-dua pihak. Berjayakah mereka?


I have waited for a long time to get a new work from Alis after Sinarut 1994 and here it is Magnoliaaa!! I am very excited when I am reading this.

First of all , i need to point out that Magnolia is unique. The idea is not ordinary at all. But it is quite heavy because of the politics and tons of names

The pacing is quite fast. The detail is not really well included but you can get the rough idea of what’s happening. I guess thats the best way, because things gonna get very confusing ( even for me ) also the plot is a bit sketchy, well at least for me. But still like I say, I enjoyed the story so much despite these.

The characters are also well described. I like Joseph’s personality and I like Katrina the most 😍 such a badass girl! The other characters are also good but didn’t match my liking haha 😂 but yeah they are all amazingg.

The main issue is dirty politics which can be a bit boring and confusing for any of us but very intriguing for a thiller lover! ❤ I like them being undercover and do the dirty jobs even though that is wrong but well… That’s the reality.

Some things that did not match my preference is the characters’ back story and I also meant flashbacks. I can say it does kills my mood and made me lost track of what’s happening because the chapters are a bit too long but it does really helps me to understand their intention and personality. I really hope it can be more less detailed or at least readers get the rough idea of it. Also, I craved for more action scene after Magnolia is formed.

Rating : 3.5 / 5 🌟

Thank you so much for your time! Don’t forget to read tomorrows’ review by other account too! ❤

” Once upon a time, it was your story. ” • Forged in Fire and Stars by Andrea Robertson

” Once upon a time, it was your story. ” • Forged in Fire and Stars by Andrea Robertson

Helloo everyone, this is me again and I just finished a very good book and I’m not sure if I am able to stop talking about it but we’ll see 😏

Title : Forged in Fire and Stars
Author : Andrea Robertson
Publisher : Philomer Publication
Publish date : May 2020
Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Adventure


Games of Thrones meets An Ember in the Ashes in this action-packed fantasy from the internationally bestselling author of the Nightshade series.

Ara has always known about the legend of the Loresmith: the blacksmith who served alongside the kings and queens of every generation to protect the kingdom. It was her fate to inherit the title–though she never truly believed it would come to pass since the monarchy’s downfall years before.

But when the lost Princess Nimhea and Prince Eamon steal Ara from her quiet life with a mission to retake the throne–and take her place as the Loresmith–her whole world turns upside down. Their journey will take Ara on a dangerous adventure to discover new truths about her family’s legacy, and even to face the gods themselves. And with a mysterious thief as an unexpected companion, Ara must use all her skills to figure out just who she can trust, and forge the right path forward–for herself, her kingdom, and her heart.

From internationally bestselling author Andrea Cremer comes a gorgeously written new fantasy series perfect for readers of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse or Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes series.



The storyline was insane. Even the first three chapters, is like the whole book. It was soo amazingg. The background story of Ara’s parents are just wow, they are so freaking cool! The whole story are surprises and more surprises! I am totally overwhelmed! 💓

The pacing for the first half is a bit slow, at least for me. But after that it speeds up like roller coaster. It gone so fast you cannot put it down 😂 No I’m not kidding. You wouldn’t be bored even for a second.

Did I mention Teth? YES TETH. Our dreamy naughty theft is so lovable 😘 He stole my heart and might stole yours too 😚 I love his character so so much I cannot describe it with ✨words✨ To summarize him, he’s just a copy paste of Flynn Rider from Tangled 💕

Also, the language used is a bit difficult to understand, like it’s no that straight forward but it’s so beautiful ✨ It matches so well with the writing style!


Rating : 5 / 5 🌟

Thank so much to @times.reads for sending this book my way in return of an honest review! Thank you for your time ❤

These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling

These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling

What a happy day! I finished another book today 😍 I am looking forward about this book and this is what I thought about it!

Title : These Witches Don’t Burn
Author : Isabel Sterling
Publisher : Razorbill
Total pages : 320 pages


Hannah’s a witch, but not the kind you’re thinking of. She’s the real deal, an Elemental with the power to control fire, earth, water, and air. But even though she lives in Salem, Massachusetts, her magic is a secret she has to keep to herself. If she’s ever caught using it in front of a Reg (read: non-witch), she could lose it. For good. So, Hannah spends most of her time avoiding her ex-girlfriend (and fellow Elemental Witch) Veronica, hanging out with her best friend, and working at the Fly by Night Cauldron selling candles and crystals to tourists, goths, and local Wiccans.

But dealing with her ex is the least of Hannah’s concerns when a terrifying blood ritual interrupts the end-of-school-year bonfire. Evidence of dark magic begins to appear all over Salem, and Hannah’s sure it’s the work of a deadly Blood Witch. The issue is, her coven is less than convinced, forcing Hannah to team up with the last person she wants to see: Veronica.

While the pair attempt to smoke out the Blood Witch at a house party, Hannah meets Morgan, a cute new ballerina in town. But trying to date amid a supernatural crisis is easier said than done, and Hannah will have to test the limits of her power if she’s going to save her coven and get the girl, especially when the attacks on Salem’s witches become deadlier by the day.


This book is something, I sure you . All the witchy stuff and contemporary world are really exciting and I was hyped up to read this. Which leads me to a high expectations. I have read some witchy reads and didn’t like it that much 😍

And that’s what you get for having high hopes.

The storyline is brilliant. The characters and the concept, even the setting and the coven formation are all detailed. Hannah is surely a great female lead in this one, but I had a little issue with Veronica. Didn’t like her much but I still can tolerate with her.

The plot is quite fast. Totally suitable for a fast reader and a quick read. Plus, the storyline isn’t too complicated and easy to understand. I would recommend this to a beginner reader, honestly ✨

And moving on to my shitty opinion. I do think the ending is a bit rushed. It kills the joy of the ‘final battle’. Totally not what I thought to be and sincerely I don’t like it. The change of the antagonist also disturbs me. I don’t want to spoil anything from the book but if you have read, you know what I mean.

Despite my opinion, I am categorizing this as a ✨ HIDDEN GEM ✨ not highly recommend, but you should give it a try 🐥

Rating : 3.5/4 🌟

Thank you for your time 😍

” I am… REBORN. ” • July Seventeenth by Kim Ko

” I am… REBORN. ” • July Seventeenth by Kim Ko

New review on board! I finished reading on a ride to my hometown and write this review right away. Thank goodness I don’t have car sick or else I would’ve sleep for the entire ride.

Title : July Seventeenth
Author : Kim Ko
Publisher : Brolga Publication
Total pages : 475 pages


(Inspired by true events and the MH-17 tragedy)
Kayla Ng is a good girl who wants to please her parents and her grandparents and relatives.
But she is also born in the year of the dragon. Her Chinese sign predicts she has fire within. When she is sent to study in Australia, from her homeland of Malaysia, she works hard to fulfil everyone’s expectations of her becoming a doctor.

She makes two lifelong friends: Eva and Russell, and her story highlights the difficulties, loneliness and often hilarious world of being an international student in Australia. While striving to graduate as a doctor, a tragic death destroys her world. Kayla realizes she must choose: will she live the life expected of her, or will she live the life she dares to dream, and in doing so, risk losing all she has?


The synopsis does captivating at first. I was all excited to read but luckily I didn’t put high expectations on this.

The storyline is a bit draggy at the first 200 pages. I kept skipping scenes and dialogues. Then, things get quite interesting when Kayla started to have conflict with her life as a student, doctor and a daughter.

The characters are a bit plain. I kind of like Russell’s personality, same goes to Eva. But Kayla is not a type of person I would hang out with. Fortunately her story is more interesting than mine 😂

I enjoyed the hospital scenes and the patient. The additional information on the culture and medicine stuff are well described. Totally my favourite scenes ever ❤ I was hoping more of it but you can’t always have it your way. Overall, I won’t say this book is good or bad. It’s 50-50 .

Rating : 3/5 🌟

Thank you so much the author for sending this book my way in return of an honest review. This book is now available for purchase 😍

Thank you for your time ❤

” Childhoods are the best ” • House of Koi by Lilian Li

” Childhoods are the best ” • House of Koi by Lilian Li

Two reviews in a day? That’s not me, but anyway I am excited for this one. House of Koi had been my anticipated read for the whole its existence 👀 I did not kid you. Okay, House of Koi, here we go! 🐥

Title : House of Koi
Author : Lilian Li
Publisher : New Degree Press
Release Date : 2 December 2019
Pages Total : 260 pages


House of Koi is about identity and learning that, sometimes, your future is waiting for you in your past.

The story follows Mila as she strives to reconcile the person she became in an effort to fit into her American international school with the young girl she was; the girl who spoke Mandarin and Malay with ease. Is it too late to embrace both parts of herself?

When Mila is sent to the top of the mountain to live with her grandmother for a year when her parents go away for business, she cannot avoid her native tongue, even if she does try. To make matters worse, Mila must now attend a local private school, and navigate a world she seems to barely understand.

Everyone keeps telling her that she should not forget her heritage, but this only takes her deeper inside herself. That is until she meets the “Fish Boy” from the bottom of the mountain. Together, they teach one another what the other is best at. However, every time Mila asks about the past, he refuses to answer. She resolves to find out what happened that caused her to be unable to look her grandmother squarely in the eye.


First of all I wanna say, I LOVE HOW MALAYSIAN THIS BOOK IS! ❤ I legit want to scream it on top of a building. I did have high hope on this one and this one does not disappoint me 💕

Honestly, the first three chapters weren’t intriguing much. But after that, yeah now we’re talking. I love how the story flows. It portrayed a lot of relatable childhood memories of a malaysian kid. The traditional games and foods. And the Milo is my favourite! Milo is kinda like Malaysian image nowadays. Everything chocolate is Milo 😂

The characters are also likeable. Mila is so sweet but she’s scared of, I don’t know, everything? But that when Sean slammed the door open and save the day. You wouldn’t know how much I give my heart to Sean. He’s such a sweet kind-hearted boy. Wishing he’s true 😌 Their relationship are just on point. It’s kind of love-hate childhood friendship but you crave for more.

Also, the pacing is quite fast and you wouldn’t get bored easily. I think this could be a fun read on a trip or on cultural celebration. Definite recommended 😍

Rating : 4.5/5 🌟

Thank you for your time ❤ Shout out to MPH Distribution for sending this eARC on my way in return of an honest review. This book is available at MPH Bookstores and Kinokuniya ✨

Dancing Souls by Sharifah Nadirah

Dancing Souls by Sharifah Nadirah

Hello again. I’ve been away for awhile and I’m back with another poetry review ❤


Don’t be afraid to feel, emotions are beautiful, to feel is a way to deal with life episodes. They say to feel and express everything is a sign of weakness and you will appear vulnerable, I beg to differ. Those who have never tried to feel and resist to experience going through their own emotions will appear strong on the outside but apparently they are fragile on the inside, because they never feel, and when we don’t feel, we will never know how to handle a touch of an emotion, that’s why it will easily drive us insane. Diving deep into a feeling will make us want to swim up for air again, to breathe again, to see everything clear again and to believe once more. Choose to feel. To feel is fearless, it breeds courage.


Can I say this book came to me at the right time? I am in the middle of examination and this poetry, just soothe me and I dont know how to describe it.

The words used in the poetry are so strong, yet so beautiful. I love how the words contrast the strong feeling of love and faith. Also, it sometimes get savage and scream SIKE 😂 well, at least for me.

Each poetry are short and easy to understand. It’s quite a fast read but if you rather to read it slowly, you would be able to feel the aura of the words and what they meant.

I also read two inspirational words book from the same author which is A Deserving Love and Leap of Faith. Each book are special on it’s own although they moved me the same way. It matched my current situation and give me courage. I don’t mind rereading it over and over again for self reminder. You should, too ✨

Rating : 3/5 🌟

A Deserving Love
A Leap of Faith

Thank you so much for your time 😍 Contact the author @s.n_writes__ on Instagram for purchase .